Each year in Cambodia, thousands of young women and men are trafficked and exploited

Ratanak International works with Cambodians to restore those robbed of freedom and protect the vulnerable

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Imprisoned at Sea – Narith’s Story

Narith desperately needed money for his son’s medical bills. So when his brother-in-law suggested he become a fisherman in Malaysia, he agreed.

But the day he boarded the boat, he was trapped. 

Narith worked long days and even longer nights, receiving a fraction of the income promised.

After 4 gruelling months, the captain tried to fish in Indonesian waters and they were apprehended by Indonesian police. 

Narith was saved! 

He met Ratanak staff upon his repatriation to Cambodia where he was overjoyed to receive career support, trauma counselling, and family medical care that supported the healthy delivery of his second son—all thanks to your support!   

*Narith is a pseudonym for one of the young men in our care. Images and some details of his story have been altered to further protect his identity.