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The Trafficking Journey

Setting the Perfect Trap

Trafficking brokers approach vulnerable Cambodians who are living in severe poverty, offering them high-paying work abroad.

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Victims are Trafficked Abroad

Cambodians are transported and sold. Their documents are confiscated and they find themselves victims of modern-day slavery.

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Imprisoned, Abused and Alone

Far from home, victims are abused, assaulted, and worked to the bone for no pay. Sometimes for years at a time

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Freedom Begins with You

Your monthly gifts provide trafficking survivors with plane tickets home, and support programs to help them reclaim their lives.

By becoming a Partner in Hope, your monthly gifts will not only assist in guiding trafficking survivors home, but offer continuous support through counselling, job training, medical care, and dedicated case management.

As a Partner in Hope, you’re walking alongside trafficking survivors, empowering them with the tools and ongoing assistance they need to reclaim their lives.

What Your Monthly Gift Can Do This Year

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Can equip a survivor with the job training and tools they need to pursue a promising career.

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Can empower local village leaders to protect vulnerable families with prevention training and ongoing support.

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Can provide a plane ticket and travel arrangements, allowing a victim of trafficking to escape the country they’ve been held captive in for so long.

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The Freedom Package can ensure a survivor of trafficking receives all the resources and support necessary to reclaim their life. Give a survivor the gift of medical care, therapy, education opportunities and vocational training.

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