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Church Engagement Package

God is passionate about justice. He sees every injustice and hears the cry of the oppressed. In His relentless pursuit of justice, God calls the Church to be a witness of His compassion. When we answer His call, we deepen our understanding of His love. It is our prayer that this toolkit will help transform your church community as you engage issues of justice, and inspire your congregation to stand up for the vulnerable and oppressed.


Download our Church Engagement Package Outline
What’s in this Toolkit?

1. An introduction to Cambodia, its history and how the genocide has impacted modern society.

2. Sermon outlines, scripture readings, and music suggestions for a church series on justice.

3. Bible study materials including scripture readings, discussion questions, application and prayers.

4. Posters, PowerPoint slides, and other social media and awareness resources.

5. Introduction on how to invite a Ratanak speaker to your church or get involved through events and prayer.

Request a Church Engagement Package

Fill out this contact form to receive our Church Engagement Toolkit on a USB. We will also follow-up with any support you may need as you and your congregation join the fight against injustice.