Featured Fundraisers

Below are some creative fundraisers that have been organized in support of Ratanak International.

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Fundraising Events – By Category


Recreation & Sports Arts, Film & Music Food & Social Events
Basketball Tournament Craft Fair Bake Sales
Hockey Tournament Film Screening Spa Getaway Fundraiser
Walk-a-Thon Art Auction Birthday Donations
Marathon Music Concert Wedding Donations
Triathalon Piano Recital Fashion Show
Bike-a-Thon Christmas Craft Fair Penny/Change Drive
Ice Fishing Christmas Caroling Baby Shower
Golf Tournament Jewellery Sales Dessert Nights
Rock-a-Thon Valnetine Crafts Silent Auction
Glow in the Dark Dodgeball Art Show Summer Community BBQ
Paintball Christmas Tea
Motorbike Fundraiser Dessert Auction



Past Fundraisers – By City / Year


Event Title City Year
Ride for Refuge (Bike Ride) Across Canada 2009 – current
Be the Change (Fashion Show) Ottawa, ON 2011 – 2015
The Incredible Ratanak Race Vancouver, BC 2012 – 2014
Buy Art Not Kids  (Art Auction) Toronto, ON 2012 – current
Glass Slipper Event (Walk-a-Thon) Edmonton, AB 2012 – 2013
5km Walk-a-Thon Toronto, ON 2012 – current
Ratanak Dessert Night Vancouver, ON 2012 – 2013
Scrap Cars Not Kids (Sports Events) Lower Mainland, BC 2012 – 2014
EPIC Riders (Cross-Canada Biking) Across Canada 2012
Cambodian Dinner Fundraiser Calgary, ON 2012